Voglio una vita spericolata

Di: Oudekki

Nov 1 PM


Categoria: Bologna, città

2 commenti

Lunghezza focale:300mm
Otturatore:1/0 s
Fotocamera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

A proposito, è fatto davanti al Roxy bar…


2 commenti su “Voglio una vita spericolata”

  1. My goodness. lol I might as well Subscribe to your blog. I want to “Like” pretty much every single photo you have. Your pictures are so real!! It’s actually what I prefer to shoot. However, since I don’t have the equipment to be able to do that yet, I stick to “commercial” photos. I’ll just have to wait. Anyway, you’re amazing!! I really appreciate your photos because it is so authentic the way you capture life. Just wow:o)

    • Wow 🙂 Thank you for your appreciation and kind (and encouranging) words… I’ve always seen photography as a way of telling – showing – how world appears to me, so, I am really happy that I’ve managed to do it for you 🙂 🙂


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